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By | November 25, 2020

Does love fade away with time? Does your partner complain that it’s not the same as it used to be when you just hit it off? Well, hectic life and everyday responsibilities can often take mushy lovey-dovey feelings from a long-term relationship. But this is a time to create some memories for a long time. On this date you were become one and it’s time relive the moment. We understand how much good wishes matter for your long-lasting relationship as through these quotes and wishes you get a chance to remind the old happy memories and make your day of loving each other. Here check out awesome collection of wedding anniversary greetings wishes to share on your special day.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes Messages
Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes Messages

Wedding Anniversary Wishes & Sayings Images

πŸ’ Everyday filled with sweet movements. Without you my day would not go good. You bring smiling on my face every day. I wish you happy wedding anniversary

πŸ’ Every wife has some dreams about husband he should be rich and fulfill all demands. But I have only one demand you live with me lifelong happily. Wish you lovely wedding anniversary

πŸ’ Taking oath in front of God that we live happily together. Whatever joys and sorrows we agreed to share and solve advise each other. It is beautiful auspicious day that we never forget. Wish you loads of sweet happy wedding anniversary

πŸ’ Forgiveness each other mistake is important to balance married life. I hope this thing will be in our life forever. Wish you lots of love smiling wedding anniversary

πŸ’ Sometimes we feel frustrated each other behavior. We feel to get out of marriage responsibility. Its our responsibility to share each other stress and tension and by conversation some time we get relief and relax from responsibility. I hope this type of thinking will be there in our married life. Wish you loads of your favorite chocolates happy wedding anniversary.

Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes Sayings
Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes Sayings

πŸ’ Anniversary makes us remember happy movement. Confessed to each other happily. Pride movement to agreed to stay happy together life long. Wish you life long togetherness happy anniversary.

πŸ’ Two family come together to make one soul of two hearts. Different flavors of recipe makes unique flavor of recipe like our different chemistry makes us unique identical chemistry in our marriage anniversary day. I wish our chemistry live lifelong. Happy anniversary.

πŸ’ A special day, that brought two beautiful souls together to make us complete that is our anniversary. Wish you joyful anniversary

πŸ’ Marriage is sharing caring and respecting each other. I hope these are all things there in our lifelong. Wish you smiling happy anniversary.

πŸ’ Fish cannot live with water, Birds cannot fly with wings. As Same I am incomplete without you. You are my part of my soul, body wish you lots of Cadbury chocolate sweet wedding anniversary

Marriage Anniversary Wishes Messages Images

Marriage Anniversary Wishes Sayings
Marriage Anniversary Wishes Sayings

🌹 Two happy souls mingle with fantastic day that is our anniversary. Love for each other continue to grow like we paint our home every year its keep on shining and strengthen our trust and love for each other. Wish you happy and peaceful anniversary.

🌹 Happy anniversary with lots of sweet memories, its time to remove and ignore each other mistake” we wish every year fill with peace prosperity happiness in our life. Wish you very happy anniversary.

🌹 Hugging, kissing, loving is a part of our life. Main important is in our life how long we keep trust, respect and obey each other. How long we maintain and obey each other responsibility. I wish all these will be there in our lifelong. Happy wedding anniversary.

🌹 I have demand of your smiling face on everyday. I have demand you to be there with me whenever I am in difficult situation. I have demand our wedding anniversary should be simple and less costly. And every year our wedding anniversary we promise to help needy people and grow some plants or trees. Wish you happy wedding anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes Sayings
Wedding Anniversary Wishes Sayings

🌹 Film is invaluable without interval, home is invaluable without family member’s, I am invaluable without you. To be with my life forever to make me valuable. Wish you happy wedding anniversary

🌹 Nature is green, sky is blue, but rainbow has all different color. You come in my life like rainbow color and make my life colorful happy life. Wish you happy wedding anniversary.

🌹 Every wedding anniversary is filled with some good and some bad moment’s. To be more meaningful of our wedding anniversary we take joys and sorrows same. Wish you happy wedding anniversary.

🌹 Sun has his own responsibility. The sun gives strength to every living things. Moon has his own responsibility. Moon gives happy, peaceful sleep. Sun cannot convert into moon, moon cannot convert into sun. Every married couples has unchangeable responsibility. Following our responsibility makes us happy, peace and makes us smile. Wish you happy responsible wedding anniversary.

🌹 Well begin is half done. Whatever might come joys and sorrows in our life. On our wedding day we begin with more positive towards life, more strength, try to handle more consciously every problems. And begin our beautiful day with new life and positive thinking and blessings. Wish you happy wedding anniversary.

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